Pumpkin Patch & My Weather Rant

I've been super homesick the past couple months. I was out at brunch with a few of my friends from Michigan a week ago and was complaining about the heat (as usual) in Houston. Her response to why the weather is so important to people in the Midwest made complete sense - I can now put into words why it's more than just the "weather" that gets to me here. We have 4 seasons up in the Midwest and for us, it's our way of tracking time and going through the year. Unlike what most people in Texas think, we do have quite a summer. There's weeks where the weather will be 90 or above in June and July. That's when we know kids are out of school, July 4th is around the corner and everyone's basking in the sun enjoying the hot months. Once it starts getting cooler end of August and September, we know it's time to go back to school. It's football, cider, all-things Pumpkin season and time to get all our cute fall boots and scarves out! Once the first snow rolls around, we know the holidays are near. The malls are playing Christmas music and everyone's hustling and bustling to get home for the season's festivities. Once it starts getting extremely cold, we know New Years is coming up. There's something about wearing those big parkas and snow jackets over your NYE dress that's special. It's just that time of year. I can't imagine NYE on a hot day. Then comes April, and we get those cool 70 degree spring days. We know its graduation season, the summer is coming up, vacations are near and the school year is coming to an end. Our four seasons help us go through the year as each season brings its own charm. In Houston, the lack of seasons is merely exhausting. I feel like I'm stuck and time isn't moving. Thank you for reading my spiel. 

Anyhoo, despite the aggressive heat in October here, I dragged my husband and mother in law to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. I chose to wear this cute midi skirt I had bought with fall in mind. Since the skirt was the main focus, I kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple. Enjoy the pictures!


Skirt - Chicwish - Similar here
Shirt - Forever 21
Boots - JustFab
Necklace - Macy's
Sunglasses - GlowGlam XO