We're Expecting!

It was over this past summer in June when my husband and I were laying on the couch watching our usual re-runs of Chopped on Food Network. My cycle had been about a week late, but for some odd reason being pregnant hadn’t crossed my mind as one of the explanations. My husband, however, had some sort of magical daddy intuition telling him I needed to take a test. He had brought home a pack of two tests and asked me to go take the test while he went downstairs to talk to my father in law. I remember rolling my eyes, taking it and placing it in the bathroom while I browsed Facebook and waited for the result to appear. 

It was about a minute later that the two lines on the Clearblue test appeared and my stomach flipped. I had to take another one to make sure. I yelled for my husband, but he chose tonight to take his time and told me he would be up in five. Not being able to hold it in, I grabbed the test and ran downstairs. I had to tell someone. My mother in law was in the kitchen as I ran up to her and showed her the test. At that moment, I realized I had mastered the concept of yelling and whispering at the same time. 

My mother in law’s reaction was adorable – a few squeals and giggles sprinkled with hugs and kisses. By now, Ebad (my husband) had walked up to us. I handed him the test and his face lit up. We all chose to not tell my father in law or anyone else until I had confirmed it with a doctor. I had another test left upstairs so I took that a few minutes later and positive! Safe to say it took 10 minutes for it to sink in and I have never felt such a rush and mix of emotions. 

The excitement, the shock, the anxiety, the confusion, the happiness all hit at once. I was going to be a mother. There was a little being starting to form inside me. And so on that random June night, my journey into motherhood started.