Maternity Fall Fashion - Chicago Edition!

I was back in the wonderful city of Chicago for the weekend and wanted to bask in everything fall (cause everyone knows, there's no proper fall in Houston). I had told my best friend in advance that I would be changing my outfit at least 3 times on Saturday and good lord, I did. 

As most people assume, pregnancy can limit your choices. I refuse to just put on a giant sweater and plain maternity leggings. Asymmetrical hemlines work wonders on pregger bodies. Since they're higher in the front, they won't be so tight on the bump. I found this leather dress as Zara and decided to style it exactly as I saw it on the mannequin with a red flannel underneath. 

This outfit wasn't only cozy and super-fall ish, it worked wonders on my bump and was super comfortable. 

Dress: Faux Leather Pinafore Dress | Zara
Flannel: Tartan Plaid Shirt | Forever 21
Shoes - JustFab (No longer available)