Our Gender Reveal Party - It's a Boy!

Most people who know me know I love celebrating everything and anything in life. A gender reveal party, in which we'd learn the sex of our baby at the same time that our family and friends would, seemed like a fun way to celebrate the pregnancy and our blessing to come. 

Our anatomy ultrasound was on October 6th – I walked into my doctor’s office super giddy and nervous. I knew we weren’t going to find out the gender today, but if you haven’t been pregnant before, you’ll soon know that you really don’t get to see your baby on an ultrasound nearly as often as you would like. And THIS was the big one. We were going to get to see an actual mini human body rather than the funny looking bean like figure we were used to.

The ultrasound technician went through each body part. She showed us our nugget’s little hands and feet followed by the head and the position. Once she was ready to figure out the gender, she asked us to look away and wrote down “boy” or “girl” on a piece of paper to hand to us. We were soon off with a sealed envelope concealing our little being’s gender.

In terms of the actual reveal, I decided to stay away from the popular cake cutting ordeal. Not only do your guests not get to see the color inside the cake right as you cut it, it takes away from the immediate reaction that makes the reveal memorable itself.

I decided to go with a piñata for the reveal that following Sunday on October 9th. I liked that it would be easy to fill, pull and for everyone to see at the party. We had handed over the envelope to one of Ebad’s cousins who was going to be responsible for filling up the piñata, bringing it over on Sunday and putting up with my bribes, begging and annoyances for the next couple days as I struggled with patience.

Below are pictures showcasing some details from our party on October 9th: 

IT'S A BOY! I wish I could put into words my reaction once we pulled the pinata. I was overcome with emotion -- they say every woman has a mommy's intuition. From the very start of my pregnancy, in my hearts of heart, I knew that the little being growing inside me was a boy. I would catch myself referring to him as "he" and looking at baby blue stuff over pink consistently. The confirmation at the party felt surreal and emotional. My parents were being facetimed during the reveal - I got handed the iPad right after as I was in tears only to see my dad with tears down his face as well. It's a moment I'll never forget.

My little boy was coming in February. The whole pregnancy suddenly felt more real and we were over the moon.

Below is a video of our reaction:  

Dress: Sibella Boutique

Pink/Blue belt: Etsy - ItsAllChevron

Pinata: Etsy - ThePerfectPinata

Thank you for reading!