Zidaan's First Steps

There is nothing sweeter than watching the growth and development of your baby. I absolutely love seeing Zidaan learn, respond and imitate. This week, he finally decided to start walking! My sweet boy is still in the “tumbling” stage, so I’m staying very close by to catch him when he falls, buuuut OH BOY IS IT EXCITING SEEING HIM WOBBLE AROUND!


Zidaan had been pulling up and cruising and taking a few unsure, wobbly steps for a couple weeks. Almost never more than 2, and always resulting in a tumble. About a week ago, Ebad and I were playing with him in our living room. I was looking at my phone when all of a sudden, Zidaan let go of the couch he was holding onto and walked all the way across the living room to us. We stared at him for a good ten seconds before we realized what had just happened. There was no tumbling, no falling. It was as if my kid had just decided: “yep. I’m going to walk now.”

We promptly freaked out and took him back to the same couch instantly. Cause duh, now he had to convince us we weren't dreaming and we had to record this!! “Come here, bubba! Come to mommy!” I squealed at him.


And then he did. He walked right back over to us. Zidaan walked right over to us in that adorable, arms-up, wobbly toddler way. It was about 10 steps and then BAM! He fell. Again. I squealed again and scooped him up, hugging him and praising how amazing he was. Because, duh, he’s the first kid ever to do this.  


As happy as I am, it’s also bittersweet. He's done crawling, now he's walking and then will soon be off to college. WAAAAH. While I know I can’t keep Z little forever, I can empower him to be the best versions of himself. While I know I can’t capture every milestone, I’m ready to celebrate the ones I can. The first year seriously goes by so fast. How is my baby almost 1 already? I've worked full time since he was 12 weeks - maternity leave was definitely not enough. Working fulltime during his most waking hours, I knew I was going to miss a lot. Every time he hits a milestone like sitting up or crawling and now walking, I wonder if it's really the first time he did it, or if it was just the first time we saw it. Did he actually do it for the first time while I was away? I purposefully don't ask my nanny. Knowing will hurt more. 


Zidaan will be starting daycare close to my office in January. I'll be able to stop by and say hi to him during lunch. I'm hoping that helps the working mom guilt I feel every now and then. Anyway, I can't wait to see hear him say his first words and start calling me mama (Is that what's next?) So many milestones to look forward to! Thus far, walking has been my favorite! 

Hoping everyone is having a fabulous Holiday season!!