Favorite Pink Maternity Dress!

I had the busiest weekend running around with my parents in town. Since we're all high strung on baby fever, we took my mom and mother in law to Babies R Us to show them what we had put on the registry and I can't put into words how excited and giddy those two were. My mom wanted to buy everything off the rack that screamed cute (which was LITERALLY EVERYTHING). Because she only has two girls, the thought of a baby boy is exciting and new to her. Plus, it's safe to say the baby industry has transformed quite a bit since the early 90s when my mom was shopping for her first child. At one point, she wanted to frantically run around Babies R Us trying to find a matching baby bear hat with the blanket set she was getting us. Quite adorable. Love you, mom. My mother in law, similar to me, wants the little  nugget to be very well dressed. She picked out adorable outfits for her grandson - mini tuxedos and furry onesies. She has some of Ebad baby clothes saved and I can't wait to put our baby in them and compare the pictures! So fun!!

Now onto this adorable dress - I can't talk about it enough! I saw it on ASOS and grabbed it in two colors immediately. It fits like a glove and the color is beautiful. The polka dots are so fun and the knot in the front accentuates the belly. I paired it with this white duster just to add some warmth since yes, it has gotten a taaaaad bit cooler here in Houston. The shoes are simple nude pumps to keep focus on the dress. I will most definitely be wearing this dress a lot over the next 3 months. Enjoy the pictures!


Dress - ASOS Maternity 

Thank you so much for reading! :)