Embrace That Bump!

Happy Thursday y'all!

When you're pregnant, getting dressed every morning can be a major challenge. Even for the trendiest mom to be, the struggle is quite real when your body changes so frequently. I have had to get used to not knowing what clothes in my closet would fit me day to day.  I vividly remember the day my favorite jeans stopped buttoning up when I was about 16 weeks. I tried on multiple other pants just to check if that one had magically shrunk, but I was wrong. I had to say goodbye to all my pants and jeans for the next 4 months. I remember tearing up out of frustration (thank you, hormones) and sitting in my closet with my legs crossed for a good 5 minutes.  Dramatic, I know.  I consider myself no expert since this is my first pregnancy and my first time dressing this foreign body, but I have realized a good fit, a flattering color, and a pretty silhouette goes a long way to making you feel beautiful while gaining all the weight and getting used to your new body. Here are just some of my thoughts on how and when to invest in maternity clothing:

1. Your husband's clothes should not become your go to outfit - Comfort is key when you're pregnant, but there's so many more options such as leggings, dresses and jeans over sweatpants. You would be surprised at how comfortable they make maternity wear now. Don't limit yourself - if you're planning on having another kid in the future, you will be reusing some of the clothes then anyway. 

2. Invest in a few key items for your pregnant wardrobe. I would definitely recommend investing in two great pairs of maternity jeans. I've only bought two jeans so far and I believe they're all I'll need for the rest of my pregnancy. They can be dressed up or down and be worn just about anywhere. 

3. Wear color and texture! Just because I feel bigger now, I do everything I can to not limit myself to darker colors such as black for the sole purpose of it being slimming. I experiment with everything and am pleasantly surprised by what I can still pull off. 

4. Layer! Layering right will not make you look bigger. Your metabolic rate increases by about 20% when you're pregnant. Even if everyone else is shivering, you may still be complaining about heat (This is totally me, by the way.) With a layered look, you can peel clothes off as needed.

5. The biggest takeaway I have right now after reading a ton of mommy blogs is if you are going to invest in maternity clothing, make sure it can also transition into nursing wear. A lot of dresses I've bought recently are not only belly friendly, but also nursing friendly for when the nugget is here. I feel like I'm going to thank myself later for realizing the importance of comfort and ease when I have to nurse my child. 

6. And finally - Embrace your bump! Pregnancy bumps are beautiful! The more you try to hide it by wearing over-sized clothing, the more disproportionate you look. I can still fit into a lot of my non maternity dresses, but am slowly realizing they don't flatter the body well if they're cut shorter. You can squeeze the stomach in, but everything else is baggy which isn't flattering. (There are, however, exceptions such as maxis, dresses that tie under your chest and/or flow out etc). So to all my pregnant mamas out there, don't be afraid to show off what's causing all the ballooning in the first place - that growing baby in your belly. 

I wore this dress this past weekend - It had caught my eye with Thanksgiving season in mind. The colors scream fall and the length is perfect for the cooler weather. OH AND it just so happened to go on major sale right after I bought it. Although this is a maternity dress, I'll still be able to pull it off once I give birth. Check it out over here. 



The shoes are from Restricted Shoes and are super comfortable. I've been avoiding wearing any pencil heels or any heels over 3 inches really - this chunky heel is a breeze throughout my day. For those looking to buy chunkier and comfortable heels, you need to check out Restricted Shoes. Their collection is fabulous and the quality is exceptional. You can find these specific ones here. I love these so much I own them in three colors!

 Thank you so much for reading!