He's Almost 5 months!?

I've been slacking with this blog. Honestly y'all, I end up going radio silence here to figure out how to mom a person and work all at the same time. It’s a lot to balance, and I’m not sure if it’s going to get harder or easier as I get better at it. As of now, I'm trying my best. Phew! That said, my little man is 4.5 months old today! 

Weight: Almost 16 lbs. Our chunker is getting bigger by the day.

Milk: He's a milk monster. Milk all day. Everyday. Every three hours. 5 ounces.

New habits: Grabbing things with both his hands. Even if it's one small thing on one side, he'll try reaching it with both his little hands. When given tummy time, he tries to scoot his little self up. Quite the workout for the little guy.

Sleep: He's still sleeping 8 hours throughout the night for the most part. BUT seriously, guys. It takes my husband putting him in his lounger, giving him a bottle and stroking his forehead all at the same time for it to happen. AND THEN.. the "transfer to his bassinet to lay him down" olympics that start.... 

For any non-parents or soon-to-be parents out there, the transfer is that tricky time when you have the baby asleep in your arms and you try to maneuver him into the bassinet without any sudden wakies. You have to get your hips parallel to the bassinet, do a partial squat and slightly lean forward so that your hovering over the bassinet mattress. That’s the easy part. Next, you have to shift one arm from his body to his head while using the other arm to take over support duties. If your arms are getting along that day, this can be pulled off, without incident, roughly 54.5% of the time. If he stirs at all, it’s back to the beginning.

Once you feel like your arms are in perfect position, it's time to present your sleepy bundle of joy to the sleep gods. You lower him into the crib, slow enough so that it doesn’t trigger his fall reflex, but fast enough to keep it smooth. If you screw it up, it’s back to the beginning.

If you’ve made it this far, then your pulse has quickened and your pillow begins calling out it’s sweet welcome tune from your bed. You can taste sleep now and it tastes like victory. You set the body down and slowly lower the little one's head while your eyes whimper. You deftly slide your hands away, without incident, and stare at him waiting with heavy breathing. HE'S ASLEEP. You did it. Or he just woke up. And now you're screwed. Back to the beginning. Whoops.

Anyway, Zidaan has been an angel this past month. So many new things! He definitely recognizes faces now. His face lights up when he sees me after work everyday and it the absolute best. He's starting to have some stranger anxiety as well.. he has the saddest quivering lip pout when someone new holds him. 

Pick me up or suffer the consequences. This is the law as laid down by Zidaan. I can't keep my lips off his cheeks or him off my hip. He has days where he refuses to be put down and everyone obliges him. For whatever reason month 4 seemed longer than the others but we were happy that time seemed to have slowed for just one month. We got giggles, hands to mouth and a really curious baby this past month. If he isn't facing forward, he will contort his body every which way to be able to see. 

Lastly, Zidaan has been teething like no other. He's been extremely fussy the past couple days and I'm still trying to find something to ease his pain. If anyone has suggestions, please tell me! 

Since I'm literally trying to record every day of this little being's life, here are some pictures I had taken of us a couple weeks ago:

Sweet monkey face of mine.

We got these done at 8 am in the morning and it took every ounce of fiber in us to get one smile out of him. This is the best we got.

Oh my goodness. squishymunchkinshnukums.

Of course these were taken by none other than Sarah Smith from Adventures with Photography! Honestly y'all, check her out! I'm definitely having her take all of Zidaan's pictures. Her work is phenomenal.

Pictures: Adventures in Photogrpahy

My Dress: Chicwish

Thanks for reading!