Belated Eid Mubarak!

Belated Eid Mubarak to all you lovelies!

For those that read my blog and aren't familiar with the holiday, Eid Al Fitr signifies the end of Ramadan - the month of fasting for Muslims. This past weekend, millions of Muslims around the world gathered with their family and friends, attended morning prayers, gave donations to charity and had feasts together. It's a celebration of gratitude - an opportunity to reflect on Ramadan and all of the wonderful aspects of our lives that we are blessed to have.

To celebrate Zidaan's first Eid, we decided to take him back home to Michigan so I could spend it with my family. My parents were ecstatic! The look on my nani's face when she first met Z was priceless. The woman could not contain her excitement. Her squeals while she played with him all weekend had all of us worried she would lose her voice.

My cousins from Australia that I hadn't seen since my wedding were visiting us for Eid as well. Family, friends, great food and lots of laughs sums up my weekend. Below are some pictures from the weekend along with outfit details:


We spent the morning at the mosque. My sweet little boy wore a baby shalwar kameez outfit that came with a little hat and vest. He looked freaking adorable. The hat fit him like a glove. 

After prayers, we did our Eid gift exchanges. My parents spoiled us all with Eidi which is most definitely my favorite part of Eid! 

Of course my child had no shame taking money from his grandparents. He snatched the envelopes both times, ha. Little does he know that money will more than likely go towards diapers #LetsBeHonest

That night, my mom threw a huge Eid dinner for our entire community. Filled with AMAZING biryani and a scrumptious fruit cake -our night was wonderful. I chose to wear the outfit my mother in law got me from Pakistan - I believe she picked out the cloth itself and got it made.

Besides the fact that Eid is literally the only time of year, you can wear an obnoxious couture gown to the mosque for morning prayers, it's also the time of year I miss my parents and family most if I'm not celebrating with them. I'm so thankful my husband surprised me with these tickets home for Mother's Day! From spitting up on two of his new outfits to snatching Eidi from his grandparents, the little one sure had a memorable Eid as well.


Belated Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrated!

Lots of love,