ONE month UNTIL Due Date!

Every month on the 23rd, I would count how many more months I had to go till I could hold my baby. After today, January 23rd, there is less than a month until my nugget makes his appearance. Holy crap, I need to say that again. One month. Or less than a month.


I feel like something happened between weeks 30-35. They seemed to have flown by completely and all of a sudden, my baby went from the size of a cabbage to a honeydew melon. I'm not even sure how big a honeydew melon is, but my doctor at my appointment last week told me the little guy is almost 6 lbs! SIX freaking lbs! Both my husband and sister were right under 6 lbs when they were born.. if that is any indication of how soon this baby is coming.

As far as how ready I am, I have my hospital bag good to go. I probably bookmarked about a 100 different websites and asked everyone I could possibly ask what to take with me. My gut tells me I'll most likely use about 30% of all that I've packed but hey I'm a first time mom - the tendency to over-pack is real. I may do a blog post after baby is here about what I actually used at the hospital. We've taken a baby care class, a car-seat class, the stroller is ready to go and we've gotten almost everything off of our registry. This weekend we're going to get his diaper table and bassinet set up in his bedroom and wash all the cute little clothes I've spent excessive amounts on this past month. 

While I know that intuition means very little when it comes to things like this, but I feel like the chances of me making it all the way to my February 23 due date are pretty slim. My guess is going to be he'll be here around February 15-19. 

Baby Stats: Almost 6 lbs! And he's supposed to pack on half a lb each week until he's here!

Cravings: LEGGO MY EGGO Chocolate Chip Waffles! Not sure why these cardboard tasting excuse of waffles taste so wonderful, but I swear I could eat 6 a day.

New Symptoms:  SWELLING. My feet and hands feel like pillows. My wedding ring is still on, but I have a feeling I'll have to take that off soon too. My legs and back are in constant pain from all the extra weight - I'm not sure if pain is the right word, maybe permanent discomfort and soreness? This has definitely caused pregnancy insomnia as I can barely get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. Also, I had the worst case of Pregnancy Rhinitis for about 13 days two weeks ago - for those of you that don't know what that is, it's extreme inflammation of your nasal passages due to all the extra estrogen. No other symptoms of a flu, cold or allergies - just a horrific stuffy nose. Gladly, it went away after I tried everything under the sun to get rid of it. Oh the joys of pregnancy...

Highlight this week: Getting his nursery together! Nesting is real and I'm so glad I can get the little things ready in his room. 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting him, of course. And enjoying the last minute things I have to get done before my world is turned upside down. 

Outfit Details: I am in love with this dress from Chicwish! I'm a little too round and plump in my mid section to be wearing it as a dress, however haha. AND these SHOES! With all the swelling and discomfort, these have been a godsend. 

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Thank you for reading and keep me in your prayers!