My Pregnancy Must Haves and Favorites!

When I was pregnant with Z, I was still a noob when it came to pregnancy. I was still figuring out what I needed vs. what I wanted. This pregnancy, I’ve been pretty frugal with how much I spend on maternity items.


Here is a lit of everything I loved last time and have been using again this time!

  1. Pregnancy Belt - The one I have is linked here. This helped my back pain tremendously during my last trimester with Z. It provides gentle compression with activities, keeps your back up straight and offers much needed support when you have all that baby weight in front. A must have for sure!

  2. Pregnancy Leggings - I LIVEDDDDD in these last time and am loving these again with this pregnancy. The ones I have are linked here from ASOS. They go over the bump, are ever so soft and great for everyday. I also wore these two weeks postpartum with Z.

  3. Hiccapop Wedge - So I got the large U-shaped pregnancy pillow last time and didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought it would. My neighbor told me about this wedge for under your belly while you lay on your side and it’s SO WORTH it! It’s the only thing that helps me lay down in bed after a long day comfortably. Linked here.

  4. Mamma Mio Tummy Rub Butter- To avoid stretch marks, I used this my last pregnancy and using it now as well. It’s luxurious and packed with a blend of organic oils such as avocado, rosehip, argan and sweet almond for increasing skin elasticity; plus nourishing shea butter for moisture - my skin always feels super soft and I’ve avoided all stretch marks with this. So far. Fingers crossed. Linked here.

  5. Maternity Jeans - I bought 0 maternity jeans this pregnancy! ANDDD that’s because the 3 I had bought my last pregnancy were still in great shape and fit me great this time around too. The ones I highly recommend are linked here.

  6. Flat comfy shoes! While pregnant with Z, my feet completely swelled up early in my third trimester. I could honestly ONLY wear one pair of shoes. I’ve thrown away that pair now (thank god), but have 3 other pairs of shoes that I bought a half size up in that I plan on wearing once the swelling begins. Linked here.

  7. A large water bottle to track your water intake - You need a lot more water when pregnant and it’s hard to keep an eye on how much you’ve had throughout the day. I bought a large one off amazon that has hourly labels to let you know how much to drink! It’s been the best and I make sure I drink two of those a day! Linked here.

  8. Anti nausea hacks - I had pretty bad nausea during my first trimester this pregnancy, No amount of food/popsicles/gummies/ginger helped. What DID help was a prescription medicine called Bonjesta. This is obviously something y’all will have to ask your healthcare provider about, but any nausea hack that works for you is a must! And if nothing works, ask about Bonjesta!

  9. Bras: Let’s talk bras. I didn’t think I would have to be buying new bras until later in my pregnancy but oh no, the first trimester hits you HARD with soreness and swelling and all of a sudden your bras both don’t fit and are crazy uncomfortable. I bought these Bravado Nursing Bras once I got desperate and they are THE BEST!! So much coverage and its great to know I am already set with the nursing part for postpartum.

  10. An everyday dress you can throw on. As much as I love maternity fashion, there are days I don’t want to think about my outfit or what to throw over the bump. These dresses from amazon are super soft, comfortable and can be styled multiple ways. I got these in 3 different colors/designs. Linked here.