Pregnancy Round #2!

I didn’t think I would be writing about my second pregnancy this soon, but here we are. I’ve been wanting to do updates like I did with Zidaan, but have been extremely lazy about it. Better to start now than never!


I write the blog as a time capsule and keepsake for my life, especially the memorable-but-easily-forgotten memories of pregnancy! Plus, in a few years or decades I think I'll be like, "wow, I looked awesome!" I hope my pictures encourage people to snap pictures of their pregnancy as a keepsake, not necessarily to share. No matter if it's your first or second or third or tenth, you'll always be happy you have the memories. I love looking at pictures of my mom when she was pregnant (she literally had two) and want my kids to be able to have access to pictures of me. 

ANYWAY, I’m 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant as of today! And I’m having a baby girl! Bring on all the floral and bows. I found out quite early this time around since my doctor told me NIPT testing was mandatory in TX as of this year!? I wasn’t given that option with Z so it was quite a surprise. As far as what we wanted, Ebad and I were okay with either. A girl would be different and a new experience. A boy meant not having to buy anything new. As long as the baby was healthy, I didn’t have much of a preference. However, both my parents and in-laws really wanted a granddaughter since we’re a family of all boys. I have a son and 2 adorable nephews so a little princess is all we need to balance the energy out. Ebad and I found out the gender first and then did a gender reveal for family and close friends. Here is the video from that night:


Yes, I know. No ugly crying this time around. It’s because I had gotten that over with when I opened the results myself a few days earlier, Ha! To see my reaction during my gender reveal with Z, click here.

17 weeks update:

Baby Khan is the size of: a pomegranate!

Due date: November 8th! This is actually Ebad’s birthday! I think the baby will come before Halloween however.

Cravings: Cold apples, french toasts, taco bell burritos, cucumbers.

Complaints: Fatigue! I feel like I’ve ran a few miles everyday by mid-day. I had fatigue with Z as well, but it’s definitely worse this pregnancy. I usually need an afternoon nap on weekends to keep me going through the day. During the weekdays, I’m struggling after lunch. Also, my blood pressure has also been a concern this pregnancy as it was my last, but that’s an entirely separate blogpost.

Hair/Skin: Finally starting to get the pregnancy glow and thick hair! Oh how long I’ve waited for you.

Weight Gain:  I started this pregnancy at 112 and am now 118 - I've gained 6 lbs since I first found out I was pregnant. I feel so great and 6lbs is fabulous. My goal for this pregnancy is different from my first, I barely gained anything with Z and ended up with severe back pain so this time around I plan gaining a few more lbs to hold the baby weight properly. The goal is 25 lbs.

Bump: DEFINITELY bigger than my first pregnancy. I started showing around 18 weeks with Zidaan, and probably around 14 weeks with baby girl. Significant difference!

Pregnancy Comparison: NAUSEA in the first trimester. Holy Moly - it was horrendous. I couldn’t stand the sight of chicken, the smell of anything raw and could rarely figure out what to eat. I asked a ton of you if the old wives tale of experiencing more morning sickness if carrying a girl was true for you - it definitely was for me!

It feels like I was pregnant with Z just the other day and now I’m almost halfway through my next one! Ha. I’ll try to stay consistent with these updates! I go in for my anatomy scan next week and I’ll do a little update again :) Thank you for reading!