Toys your Toddler needs!

As toddler moms, we’re always looking for the next best activity to keep our little one busy. Ebad and I are pretty good about not buying too many toys, but I do read lots of reviews when I do invest in one. More than just a toy, I want it to be an activity that Zidaan can enjoy and learn from!

Here’s my short list of toys/activities we’re loving!

  1. Aqua Doodle Educational Water Drawing Mat

    This thing is amazing. All it requires for drawing is tap water. It’s mess free, foldable and light-weight. Also super easy for parents to put it away. It comes with stamps, drawing molds and magic rollers. The fact that this involves water is what Zidaan loves most!

  2. Easel Board with Magnetic Alphabets and Numbers

    Kids will love creating art work on their new chalkboard and playing with magnets on other side. Beneath the chalkboard is a deep tray and pencil ledges to keep paint, brushes, markers, chalk and erasers within easy reach. I buy different sets of magnets every few weeks (numbers/alphabets/shapes) for Zidaan to learn and stay busy!

  3. Play-Doh

    My mom had been telling me for weeks to get Zidaan Play-Doh. I kept putting it off afraid of the mess it may make, but finally gave in. He absolutely loves it! He calls it “Do-Do” and we sit together to create shapes and animals. Play-Doh CAN get messy though so I only let him play with it when we’re sitting at his activity table (Linked here).

  4. Activity Table

    Speaking of activity table, this is also one of my favorites. More than just the colors on it or the fact that it’s built to stack blocks on it, I love that I’ve taught Zidaan to sit and play on this table. When it comes to blocks or Play-Doh, he knows it’s time to run to his table and sit while we play.

  5. Melissa and Doug Cutting Food

    Two year olds love playing with pretend food. I don’t know why. I just go with it. Zidaan has particularly loved this set of cutting food. The pieces are held together by velcro so when the child cuts it, it really feels like they are cutting food apart and keeps them preoccupied for a while.

  6. Mega Block Legos

    Building towers out of these blocks is a regular activity for us around here. I like the Mega Blocks because they are big and easy to put together for little un-coordinated hands.

  7. Eric Carle - My First SmartPad Library

    ZIdaan LOVES these books and the interactive pad that goes with them. Although Z’s been great with letter recognition, this is definitely sharpening his mind. This would also be a great travel activity.

Thank y’all for reading and do let me know if you know of other great toys for my two year old! :)