20 Questions I Asked My Pregnant Self In A Day

32 weeks pregnant today!! 

Not sure if this is just me or lots of other pregnant women, but I've recently noticed I spend much of my day having conversations with myself in my head. Yep, with MYSELF. Aka talking to myself. Asking ridiculous questions.  

My brain is constantly racing with questions and confusion about my body, my baby and the future. I thought I would outline the daily crazy internal monologues I have with myself on the blog today: 

1. How many times have I peed today?

2. Should I ask my mom to make me yet another french toast?

3. How many calories is a french toast? How many extra calories should I be eating now anyway?

4. Why is this baby kicking right now. Go back to sleep.

5. Let's see how long I can lie on my back for. 

6. Okay that was five minutes max. Why does he have to be so heavy?

7. Am I glowing or sweating?

8. Is "sleeping for two" a thing?

9. Do I really need a pregnancy pillow or do I just need my husband to sleep on the couch?

10. What the heck is going on with my belly button?

11. Is my baby stuck on my right side? Do I help it move?

12. So what happens if my water breaks at work?

13. What happens if it breaks in my husband's new car!? Wonder if he'll let me notice he's upset.

14. Do I really need a hospital bag?

15. How cute am I trying to look after I give birth? Do I really want everyone visiting right after?

16. When will I fit in my cute jeans again?

17. What if he's early? What if I'm a mom on Valentine's Day? 

18. I just woke up after sleeping for 9 hours - why do I feel the need to sleep again?

19. Why doesn't the mall have pregnant women parking spots?

20. Is waddling cute or do I look like a penguin on drugs?

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Thank you for reading my nonsense. You guys are the best.