Live Blog: The Dreaded THREE Hour Glucose Test

Welcome to my 3 hour pregnancy glucose test! I can’t tell you enough how horrified I am this morning of getting poked 4 times, that nasty sugar drink and no food. Definitely much different and more intense than my one hour glucose test last week.

I’ve never been one to “live blog” or “live tweet” an event. Usually if it’s something significant, I’m too busy basking the experience in. This experience however - nothing to bask. More to dread. Since I’m trapped in my OB/GYN’s office for over 3 hours this morning, I figured I’d take note of everything I’m feeling, even if it’s only for archival purposes, or to help some poor unfortunate soul with their dreaded three hour glucose test.

Zero Hour (8:00 am):

I got lucky they had an 8 AM appointment open this Thursday. I’m infamous at my OB’s office as the girl who faints at the sight of needles and blood. It’s great, I know. They’re also aware I prefer their in-house lab work girl who knows me, my fears and most importantly my veins. I walked in today and she ISN’T here. There’s a new chick. She looks young. Awesome. I’ll probably get poked around at least 5 times for one draw.

8:20 AM – They haven’t called me in yet. So here I am in the waiting room … waiting.

8:25 AM – A lady just came and sat right in the seat next to me. The entire waiting room with about 35 seats is EMPTY and she chose to sit next to me.

8:30 AM – She asked me if this is my first and that she’s here due to some womanly issues she’s having. TMI, lady. Someone please call me in already.

8:45 AM - The morning started off with a quick blood draw. The lady seemed nice. She told me about the polar express pajama party her second grader has at her school tomorrow. The blood draw was a lot quicker than I thought too. In and out. Then she handed me the nasty red glucose drink that tasted like ice pops, cherry fanta and fruit punch on steroids. You have to drink the entire bottle in 5 minutes. It’s torture.

They offered me a quiet room in the back of the clinic. Thank the good lord. I feel sick after drinking that drink. Apparently, I’m not allowed much water either. What I would give to have a bagel right now or at least my banana in my purse. The view from my room is the mall across the street. Maybe I should take the rest of the day off and treat myself to some retail therapy – It is the 15th. I did get paid today.

Just saw TMI lady walk by again. Please don’t come tell me what the issue was, last thing I need to hear while I’m nauseous as is.

 One Hour (9:45am):

Another blood vial drawn via butterfly needle for the 3 hour pregnancy glucose test.  I am SO drowsy. Just typing this is making my head spin. I brought a snuggie with me this morning – BEST decision ever. I’m all cuddled up back here on this black recliner with my laptop. I could roll over and take the biggest nap right now, but I think the sugar in the drink woke my baby up. Now he wants to roll around until he’s comfortable.

10:00 AM – A nurse just stopped by to chat with me. I’m trying to nap, lady. She wants to know where I got my coat and if it’s warm enough for the 50 degree weather outside. Why yes, yes it is.

10:20 AM – I want more water. Is it okay to just go grab some?

10:30 AM – I keep hearing all these baby heartbeats from the rooms next door. So sweet! I think I may have just heard a woman sniffling while hearing her baby too. Wait till you can feel him/her 24/7. That’s the greatest feeling. (I guess the glucose is now seeping out of my speech)

Two Hour (10:45am):

Blood draw #3. I feel very calm, almost sedated.  But I’m pretty sure that’s from sitting here, being still in the quiet, and has nothing to do with my blood sugar level. I’m getting hangry. NEED food. I wonder what my closest options are around here. I also wonder when I’ll get my results back. My arm feels sore after being poked twice.

I could go and register at the hospital right now, but the laziness is real. I don’t have any energy to get up and walk around. I think I’ll take another quick nap and hopefully wake up in time for the last draw and the much awaited LUNCH I so desperately need right now.

Three Hour (11:40am):

Blood draw #4. THIS ONE HURT. Not sure if it’s cause my veins are sore or my tolerance for pain suddenly went down the drain. The lab tech was nice enough to talk me through it – kind of sweet when they try to distract you as much as they can.

I AM DONE. IT’S OVER. Now the dreaded wait for the results starts. I really hope I don’t have gestational diabetes. Last thing I need is any added stress in the last two months left in my pregnancy. I just want to prepare for my little boy and stay as calm as I’ve been so far.

Now off to work for meetings I go! If you have to take this 3 hour test, do not worry – you will live through it. It’s not the most pleasant, but for someone deathly afraid of needles and dependent on frequent snacks – I like to think I did pretty great.

Do take a snuggie though, that made a big difference.