A Winter Wonderland Shower!

I've been home for the holidays the past two weeks and I CANNOT even begin to describe how relaxing it has been. Something about sitting next to a cozy fireplace with the chilly weather outside this time of year as your mom makes you everything you're craving.. Ah, I do not want to go back to reality. Also, I have definitely put on a few more pounds as the nugget and I grow. The change in my belly is noticeable day by day now!  We head back to Houston on Sunday and I'm taking in every minute I have left of my vacation. Once we get back, January is packed with baby classes, last minute baby shopping and hopefully finalizing his nursery. The due date is creeping up so fast!

My mom threw me a beautiful baby shower a couple weeks ago - the details took my breath away. Held at the local country club here, she created a cozy winter woodland theme to celebrate her first grandchild. Sweet momma. Everything from an adorable dessert table with a buffet of beautiful intricate mini desserts to a gorgeous decor table that included a trail mix bar and forest animal cookies, this set up was the perfect combination of rustic and elegance. 

The details on the table were just as stunning. I chose burlap lace table runners and cutlery holders to add the rustic touch along with alternating light blue and brown napkins. My mom had fresh white flowers as centerpieces with mini acorns spread around the table. Each table setting had an advice card for mama to be, a how-well-do-you-know-mommy-to-be game and a sweet personalized lip balm for guests to take home with them. 

Can we all just check out this dessert table? So beautiful! The room also had a fireplace and Christmas tree which added to the coziness and festivities. 

I chose the style of the cake, but unfortunately the cakery we chose spelled the last name wrong on the cake. Yes, I was infuriated. And almost everyone made it a point to come up to me at the shower and tell me it was misspelled which added to my frustration. Note to self: STRESS that we spell K-h-a-n and not K-a-h-n. 

We started off the shower with a few games. This time around, we played the 'who can drink out of a baby bottle the fastest' followed by tasting the baby food. Watching everyone try to suck on the tiny baby bottles was nothing short of very entertaining ha.


The shower was complete with photobooth props, big BABY balloons and lots of belly rubbing and laughs. It was a beautiful afternoon; my little boy is blessed to have so many people who love him so dearly already.  

My dress wasn't maternity, I had bought in a larger size for it to fit around my belly. The crochet flower around the arms/chest and the crisp white color worked perfectly with my theme for this shower. Although I wasn't a fan of where it fell around my waist, I was happy with its look overall. 

Alright y'all, last picture: 

HOW ADORABLE are my mother in law and mom:

Thank you, momma for putting this together. You are my world. 

Dress: NOT Maternity - ASOS, out of stock.

Location: Saginaw Country Club

Theme Concept and Execution: Momma and I

Desserts: A local Patisserie in Saginaw

Cake: Mary's Cakery in Saginaw

Cookies: Mary's Cakery in Saginaw

Personalized Cookie Tags: Etsy - Available here

Lipbalms: Etsy - Available here 

Baby Banner: Etsy - Available here  

Diaper Cakes:  Etsy - Available here 

Thank you for reading!