Babymoon: Denver & Vail

We had always planned on going on a babymoon this winter, and considering it wasn't as cold in Houston as I wanted it to be, we decided beautiful Colorado would be our best bet. Although we we aren't parents yet, a lot of other young parents had told us to not underestimate the luxury of taking a husband and wife only trip before the little one came along. I let Ebad plan most of the trip (the girl in me is convinced the husband should spoil his wife every way he can while she's pregnant) - I wanted him to surprise me with what we would be doing.

Neither of us had ever been to Colorado so safe to say we were super excited! Ebad had planned two days in Vail and one day in Denver. Off we were to the Mountains! 

The drive to Vail from Denver was beautiful. The snow glazed mountains, crisp winter air, and the view within the comfort of a warm car made for a spectacular ride up to Vail village.

We stayed at The Lodge at Vail which just so happened to be the very first hotel in Vail. Nestled right in the middle of the village close to the gondolas going up to the mountain, the views from within the hotel were absolutely breathtaking. Good job babe! 

I quickly realized there are exactly two things to do while at a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains in December:

1. Partake in skiing, snowboarding or any of the other winter activities

2. Drink lots of beer and wine at all the numerous bars around the city

Neither of those activities pertained to me for obvious reasons. We spent most of the days lollygagging around the town, checking out all the little stores and trying out different restaurants. We took the gondola up our first afternoon in Vail to venture up to the top of the mountain and watch families ski. Although, I was afraid of the height and stared at my phone for half the ride to stay calm, the view at the top of worth it. The best view, however, was all the families with their adorable tiny toddlers in squishy ski jackets and snow pants going down the mountain - I was melting.

This trip was unlike any other we've ever had. Ebad's Type-A personality typically wants to go about and do everything when exploring a new place. We usually jam pack our days trying to get in as much as we can; in Vail, what could I really do? The winter activities were out of question with my bump, I can't exactly soak in a hot tub, the thinner air and high altitude was making me out of breath a lot faster than usual (there goes walking around for long periods of time).

So... we just chilled. Something we hadn't done in the past few months while running around getting stuff ready for our baby. We talked about baby names and I think we may have finalized one (Sshh. How exciting!) We called it an early night and watched the Rockets game together, talked about all the future trips we want to take once the nugget is here and reminisced about our past year of marriage. 

Our last day was spent in Denver with Ebad's law school friend and his family. We checked out several lookout points all over the city and ate at a sweet little Nepali restaurant. My favorite sight was the Red Rocks Amphitheater - the view was vast and glorious under the sun. 

And, I have to say—our babymoon was one of our best trips ever! There’s a lot to be said for spending money just to relax—especially when your lives are about to get a whole lot busier. It was a sweet little weekend get away. Just the two of us. Well, the baby was there, but it was still inside and quiet :) 

Thank you for reading!