Less than 10 weeks till baby!

Not sure how this is reality, but I have just about 9 weeks to go till the baby is here. Nine weeks. Single digits, people.


I still have to remind myself that I’m pregnant – usually when I think I can fit through a space that I normally could, only to find myself baby bump-butting someone. Or when I lay in bed and getting up takes another minute or two now with all the baby weight. 

I had my doctor's appointment last week - we measured my tummy and took my weight down. I was thrilled to know everything was right on track. Listening to his heartbeat, strong and clear, was a powerful reminder that he really is here with me, while I carry him through all the distractions of the day. Strangers congratulate me now, the grandparents are getting more and more excited and my husband can finally SEE the tangible evidence of the baby we keep talking about. 

I want time to hurry up and slow down at the same time. I'm so eager to meet him and want to run towards the finish line. But then, I really enjoy being pregnant. I enjoy having him protected and want to take in these last 2 months as much as I can. There's so much I want to get done before he's here. 

On a sad note, my results came back this morning from my Glucose test and weren't in my favor. I now have to sit through the dreaded 3 hour test and get poked by needles 4 times all while fasting. How fun. I may just live blog it to keep myself entertained.

I get asked more often now than ever "so how are you doing?!" It's tough to give the right answer because I'm simultaneously excited and happy, but also uncomfortable with random pains and aches. But they say that's motherhood, right? Difficult, but wonderful. Exhausting, but exciting. Draining, but fulfilling. 

Baby Stats: The baby is a little over 3 lbs now. About the size of a butternut squash. Little munchkin!

Cravings: Shipley's glazed donuts. I used to hate donuts before I got pregnant, so me craving this after dinner one night was a real shocker. 

New Symptoms:  1) I've become a penguin overnight. I waddle around due to my balance being off all day. 2) Heaviness in my mid section. Getting out of bed is a chore in the mornings (not that it wasn't a chore prior to being prego ha). I need my husband to help lift me up sometimes. Also, I'm definitely completely unable to lie on my back now, the dizziness and heaviness is quite draining.

Highlight this week: It's almost Christmas! I can't wait to go home to my parents in Michigan this weekend. My mom's throwing me a baby shower there; I get to see everyone from back home and take in the wonderful Midwest winter in all its glory. Also, this is probably the last trip home in which my mother will be willing to spoil me rotten. After all, I am giving you a grandchild ha. 

Lastly, cheers to still being able to fit into a handful of my non maternity size small dresses while 8 months pregnant. *happy dance* Not sure how, but hey I'll take it. This one's beautiful and super girly from Boohoo.  I imagine me wearing this to one of my little guy's Christmas song recitals or plays. Haha. Yep, I've begun dreaming of my child and all his future activities.

My dress is no longer available on Boohoo but linked here are pretty similar ones. 

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone's having a fabulous last couple weeks leading up to Christmas!